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oldfilmicons's Journal

Good Old Films Icons
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Notice: macpherson_arts seems to no longer be active on LJ. If anyone is interested in becoming a co-moderator to the commmunity, please comment. I will also be making membership open to anyone without the application procedure.


This is a icon community for old films. By "old film," we mean any movie made before 1969. Also, we allow actor and actress icons from the time frame. There are unlimited possibilites - anything from Nosferatu to Seven Samurai or Singin' in the Rain, from Greta Garbo to Marylin Monroe or John Wayne. There are other communities of this kind, but this one is unique with its standards and time limit.


This community is not elitist, but membership is moderated. We only hope to maintain a standard of quality. Only applications with example work can ensure this. After applying, you only need one moderator to confirm your acceptance. Sometimes resources are limited or low quality for these movies. We understand this and will take this into consideration as we review applications.

Please visit the application post for more information and to apply. Example icons are also provided on the post.

DO NOT TRY TO REQUEST MEMBERSHIP!!! First apply by commenting on the application post and, if accepted, we will send you an invitation.

Update: Anyone may join.


Posting - If there are more than three icons, please post the rest under a cut. Please do not post an entry if it lacks icons or contains no icons from the genre. And always credit your sources!

Taking - Posters typically set their own crediting guidelines. Generally, the rule is comment, credit, and don't modify or hotlink. Aside from that, anyone is welcome to friend the community!


High quality screencaps and photos of this kind can be hard to come by... To help you, we have compiled a resource list. This list will be updated frequently as we come across new sources. If you can contribute to our list, feel free to let us know!